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The Rabbit Shack

Miniature Lops at "The Rabbit Shack"

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As well as tan patterns, I breed miniature lops in selfs, brokens (butterfly), sooty fawn/beige, REW and sable/smoke.  Here some photos of some of my most useful breeding & show stock: 

Self colours:

Rabbit Shack's LBD, Black Self Doe
Sire: Rabbit Shack's True Boo, Dam: Rabbit Shack's Ariel

Rabbit Shack's Ariel, REW doe,(shown as an u/5)
Sire: SUPREME CHAMPION Rabbit Shack's BooBear, Dam: Durleigh's Jib

Dreamweaver's Quicksilver, REW doe, 3 cc's

Rabbit Shack's Penny Royal, blue self doe, 20 cc's
Sire: Woodland Park's Barron, Dam: Rabbit Shack's Black Beauty

Rabbit Shack's BLACK BEAUTY, black self doe,11cc's
Sire: Lop Inn's Mystery, Dam: Lop Inn's Queen

Shaded AOC group:

Rabbit Shack's TABOO, smoke pearl doe, 9 cc's
Sire: Ch. Rabbit Shack's BooBoo, Dam: Durleigh's Jib

Shaded Group:

Lop Inn's LINCOLN, sooty fawn buck
Co-owned with Dreamtime Rabbitry

Woodland Park's Barron, beige buck

Durleigh's Liesal, beige doe
Sire: Woodland Park's Barron, Dam: Cresswell's Lucy

AOC group:

Lop Inn's MYSTERY, black butterfly buck

Hollyhock's DUMBLEDORF, broken blue buck

Rabbit Shack's Blizzard, blue californian u/5 buck
Sire: Rabbit Shack's Lestat, Dam: Dreamweaver's Quicksilver

Chocolate Project:
I have been working on this project for a few generations now.  I am very pleased with the progress made in a short period of time!

Rabbit Shack's CBB1, chocolate butterfly buck
Sire: Rabbit Shack's CCB1, Dam: Durleigh's (Broken Choc DL)

Rabbit Shack's CCB1, black self chocolate carrier
Sire: Rabbit Shack's Knightshade, Dam: Dreamtime Chocpot (Sold)

As New Zealand follows the UK (British Rabbit Council), show standards, all references on this website to Mini Lops refers to Miniature Lops.  These are similar to American Holland Lops.  Miniature Lops are a small cobby lop eared rabbit with an ideal show weight of 1.5 kgs (max. 1.6 kgs) although brood stock can reach much heavier weights. 

Click to view the BRC show standard for Miniature Lops