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The Rabbit Shack

Rabbit Shack's Charming

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Charming as a kit


Sire:  Hollyhock's Dumbledorf, broken blue
Dam:  Rabbit Shack's Beauty, blue otter
cc's:  25 (Have applied for Charming's championship diploma)
Charming has done suprisingly well on the show table.  His sister Cinderella was my prefered pick over him!   He is short, compact with a lovely shaped head.  I would prefer to see better ear carridge, and brighter tanning but he is throwing very lovely kits that are so far surpassing him in these aspects.  He has sired a lovely sooty fawn buck - Rabbit Shack's Star - who won me a best lop in show out of 63 rabbits at the age of 8 wks!  (Star's littermate Sweet Cheeks is a blue self fuzzy lop, that won best fuzzy at the same show!).  Pictured below are some of Charming's offspring:

Rabbit Shack's Star, sooty fawn buck kit

Rabbit Shack's Simplicity, blue otter doe

Rabbit Shack's blue otter doe kit

Rabbit Shack's Crooked Pumpkin, tort otter doe
tort otters are not showable but this doe had qualities that I wanted to retain here so she stays!