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The Rabbit Shack

Mini Cashmere Lops

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I am focusing on tan patterns (sable martens, black otters) in the mini cashmere lops. 

Rabbit Shack's Diamond Dog, black otter buck
Sire: Champion Rabbit Shack's BooBoo, Dam: Durleigh's Liesel

Rabbit Shack's Silly Shengigains, marten sable doe
Sire: Champion Rabbit Shack's BooBoo, Dam: Rabbit Shack's TaBoo

This beautiful mini cashmere lop doe is in my opinion the best animal I have ever breed.  She has unfortunately been shown very lightly as she is a very important breeding animal here, and due to my over increasing other comittments I have have found it increasing hard to keep my animals in show coat!  She has had one Best of Section Win under a UK judge early 2008.  I will continue to show her in 2009 after she has produced for me!  Excuse the shocking photo but her beautiful type and topline are easily seen here!

Rabbit Shack's Queen Bitch
Sire: Champion Rabbit Shack's BooBoo, Dam: Grapeville Mugglewumps

Another shocking photo for a very nice marten sable doe.  Doesn't have the crown of the one above.

Afra Rabbit's Kaisa, seal point buck
Thank you so much Sarah for this lovely buck!

Rabbit Shack's BooBug, REW doe

Rabbit Shack's Electric Blue, blue otter doe
Sire: Rabbit Shack's True Boo, Dam: Rabbit Shack's Ariel

Rabbit Shack's Worf-the-Destroyer, 14 cc's
Sire: Rabbit Shack's Zippy, Dam: Lop Inn's Ebony

Rabbit Shack's Zippy, broken blue otter fuzzy lop
Sire: Rambling Rose Dark Shadow (black self), Dam: Munchkin's Ziggy (broken blue otter)

Lop Inn's Ebony (black self doe)
Sire: Springtyme Tiny Tyson, Dam: Woodland's Park Katie

The New Zealand fuzzy lop standard has been overhauled and changed in accordance with the British Rabbit Council Standards.  Fuzzy lops will be now known as the mini cashmere lop - they will now be rung with size C rings.

The New Zealand rabbit council standard for the mini cashmere lop

The BRC standard for the mini cashmere lop