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Links Page

Some great sites I find useful:

THE RABBIT COUNCIL OF NEW ZEALAND, The Rabbit Council of New Zealand provides a comprehensive website about Rabbit related issues and events within New Zealand and Overseas.

RUSKIN MINIATURE LOPS, UK breeder of Miniature Lops, contains useful info on line breeding, colours and other great links to UK sites

ZIYADAH RABBIT STUD, located in Australia, breeder of many breeds but especially MINI REX (some of our first mini rex imports came from this stud!)

THE BRITISH RABBIT COUNCIL, showing standards/etc

THE AMERICAN RABBIT BREEDERS ASSOCIATION, while we dont' follow the American Standards there is lots of useful information on this site

THE NATURE TRAIL RABBITRY - American breeder of Holland Lops, a very informative website

BARBI BROWN'S BUNNIES, American breeder - website contains some useful info for the treatment of Wry Neck

WELSH RABBITRY, a very awesome genetic's table, some great articles also on this site

MINI LOP HEAVEN, UK breeder - site under construction but some LOVELY UK californian (or himi) miniature lops here

HAMPTON FRENCH LOPS, UK breeder - stunning french lop otters

DR CHARK'S drug dosage calculator for rabbits

New Zealand breeder's sites:

LOCHANORA LOPS - miniature lop breeder located in Featherson

SHAKIWIANA RABBIT STUD, located in Te Awamutu, Waikato - breeder of dutch, polish, miniature lop and netherland dwarf rabbits

TAYLOR MAID RABBIT AND CAVY STUD, Located in Auckland, breeder of Tans, Polish, Mini Rex, Dutch and Californian rabbits also cavies - (Breeder of 2006 South Island Nationals Winner (REW polish doe)

LITTLE LOPS RABBITRY, located in Christchurch - breeder of miniature lops, mini cashmere lops, dwarf lops and cashmere lops!

MISTLETOE RABBITRY, located in Reikorangi (Kapiti Coast) - breeder of dutch, silver fox and standard rex (Winner of the 2005 RCNZ National show with Silver Fox Malcolm)

ATAWHAI LOPS, located in Palmerston North, breeders of fuzzy lops and miniature lops

HOPEFIELD MINI LOPS, located in Napier, New Zealand - breeder of mini lops

DREAMTIME RABBITRY - located in Taranaki, New Zealand - breeder of mini lop and netherland dwarf rabbits

FLOPSY BUNNY FARM, located in Te Aroha, New Zealand breeder of miniature lops in blue, sooty fawn & seal point

SOUTHERN LOPS STUD, located in Dundein - breeder of mini lops

CHELSEA BUNS RABBITRY, located in Auckland - breeder of mini lops, dutch, netherland dwarfs and mini rex

ALBERTINE RABBITRY, located in Auckland - breeder of mini lops and jersey woollies

AFRA RABBITS, located in the Waikato - Breeder of standard ermine rexes and miniature lops

NATURE'S PACE, located in Christchurch - breeder of Enderby Island rabbits, flemish giants and silver fox

MISSY K RABBITRY, located in Christchurch - breeder of mini lop rabbits

TWISTY WILLOW RABBITRY, breeder of Netherland Dwarfs located in Auckland

NEW ZEALAND RABBIT GROUP, a great group with lots of friendly rabbit owners and breeders

Other helpful links:

SECRAPET CAGES, well built dog proof hutches for rabbits and cavies located in New Zealand

STIBBAR TATTOOING KIT (and rabbitsoft ware)


THOUSANDS OF NAMES - a site containing as many names for your pets as you could ever want!

Friend's Links (non rabbits!):

Natasha's creative writing website