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As well as the Mini Rex, Dwarf, Mini Cashmere & Miniature Lops, we have a trio of Enderby Is. Rabbits.  I am also dabbling in the plush lop programme and have several lovely Standard Rex to breed to my Plush Lop buck.

Foxglove Plushie Bear, castor plush lop buck
An unusual little dude! Loves to escape!

Nature's Pace Angelus
Enderbys enjoy climbing, so they can survey their prey from up above ....

(Actually, Angelus was seeking himself a GIRLFRIEND. He's now the proud daddy of several litters!)

Check out these links for awesome info on the rare Enderby rabbit!

NATURE'S PACE - South Island breeder of Enderby Island Rabbits

RARE BITS AND PIECES - Bob Whitman, located in Texas USA