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The Rabbit Shack

Dwarf Lops

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I am working with imported Australian lines and New Zealand lines and focusing on agouti patterns and tan patterns in the dwarf lops. 

Durleigh's Cimnaron, agouti buck
HE'S STAYING!!! Cim now calls the Rabbit Shack home!

Rabbit Shack's Diabolo, black otter buck

Rabbit Shack's Baal, agouti cashmere lop buck
Ok, not technically a dwarf lop, but he is a son of Cim

Malvina Lake's Pisces, lilac butterfly
Plush carrier

CH. Rabbit Shack's Ahriman at 18 months old

Rabbit Shack's Prunaprisma, smoke pearl marten doe
Sire: Helvetia Rusty, Dam: Rabbit Shack's Jadis

Rabbit Shack u/5 Dwarf Lop Kits
Now at their new home helping another breeder

Rabbit Shack's u/5 Dwarf Lop Kits
Very nice litter, agouti on the end (Druzil) has been retained

Dwarf lops are a larger sized rabbit then mini (miniature) lops, although their name often fools people into believing they are the smallest lop eared breed avaliable.  They have an ideal show weight of around 2 kgs, but brood stock (especially does), can be much heailver.    They are lovely natured rabbits with placid friendly temperments!  Dwarf lops are similar to the American Mini Lops.

Click to view the BRC show standard for dwarf lops