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The Rabbit Shack

Rabbit Shack's BooBoo

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BooBoo as a (particularly cute) kit


Sire:  Rabbitsville Rocky Road AKA Cookie, dark sable
Dam:  Rabscuttle Bumblebee, black otter
cc's: 32 cc's
BooBoo was a bit of a booboo as I first though he was a smoke pearl marten.  He is a lovely typey buck.  There are some qualities I would like to improve on BooBoo, but I am very pleased with his type (especially for a F3) and the quality of the kits he is throwing.   He has done reasonably well on the show table with the highlight of his showing career being winning a Reserve Best in Show in a Lop Speciality Show under Ernie Rust.  He would have to be my number one top spoilt rabbit ...  Pictured below are some BooBoo children:-

Rabbit Shack's TaBoo, smoke pearl doe

Rabbit Shack's BooBerry, dark sable doe

Rabbit Shack's Swami Boo, REW buck kit